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"A Child's Best Friend"

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A Child's Best Friend

Poncho Palz | CEO Ariel Diaz Email:,  COO Niko Pantelidis Email:

Poncho Palz | Multifunctional Plush Pal

A child's best bud and companion. A stylish stuffed animal and poncho, that can also be used as a pillow & a backpack (4 uses in 1). Not only will children love their portable friends, but parents & guardians can rest easy knowing all aspects of a child's needs are covered for mother nature's unexpected conditions.

Protection from the elements is provided all at a moment's notice, while carrying a storage bag, & looking super cute at the same time!

Email CEO: Ariel Diaz
Email COO: Niko Pantelidis

Poncho Palz | CEO Ariel Diaz Email:,  COO Niko Pantelidis Email:
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The 4-in-1 Children’s Plush Pal

Stuffed Animal | Backpack | Pillow | Poncho

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Poncho Palz

A Child's Best Friend

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Poncho Palz invention Bio:

One day, my daughter and I were at the park. We love the outdoors, but suddenly the weather turned ugly. Out of nowhere, it started to rain heavily. My car was parked far from us. We ran back to my car dripping wet. Her stuffed animal pal "Rocky", was drenched. To make matters worse, she woke up the next day with a cold. As I cared for her, I noticed all the stuffed animals in her room taking up space. Many were toys that transform to serve as stuffed animals or pillows. If only "Rocky" could convert into a jacket or poncho, then she could've stayed dry, and avoided becoming sick. So, I decided to develop the concept of PonchoPalz. After reaching out to some creative friends, the PonchoPalz were born, a child's best bud and companion. I designed a stylish poncho, that can also be used as a pillow, stuffed animal, & a backpack (4 uses in 1). Not only will children love their portable friends, but parents can rest easy knowing they can confidently leave their homes and our children will be safely guarded from nature's unexpected elements.

  • 4-in-1 Multifunctional versatility
  • Unlimited licensing capabilities
  • Perfect for Promoting your Company, Team, or Brand Identity
  • Official Member of the Toy Association
  • Official U.S. Utility Patent

Poncho Palz Stuffed Animal

Stuffed Animal

Poncho Palz can be a cuddly stuffed animal for children of all ages to carry as an animal friend!

Poncho Palz Pillow


Poncho Palz can be used as a comfortable pillow for a child to relax anywhere at home or on the go.

Poncho Palz Poncho


Poncho Palz conveniently transforms into a poncho, wherever you go, rain or shine, anytime.

Poncho Palz Backpack


Poncho Palz can be used as a backpack to carry your toys, homework, devices, or valuables!

PonchoPalz The Multifunctional Plush Pal

Ariel Diaz | PonchoPalz CEO


Ariel Diaz

Our CEO Ariel Diaz developed the idea of Poncho Palz after consulting with his daughter, nieces, and nephews about his premise. He quickly realized their excitement, and the potential of this concept. After researching the market, he found that there were no similar products available for retail. With convenience, ease, and affordability in mind, he constructed a prototype with a working design. The result was a portable, multifunctional friend, that captures the heart and imagination of children and parents everywhere. He then set his goals on licensing and branding our favorite sports teams, popular characters, and superheroes. There are no limits in the world of Poncho Palz!

PonchoPalz Creator
Marketing Specialist
Loving Father

Niko Pantelidis | PonchoPalz COO


Niko Pantelidis

Our COO Niko Pantelidis is a Licensed Real Estate agent and investor in NYC. Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, he eventually moved to Manhattan to pursue real estate. About 10 years ago his family opened a restaurant/club in Astoria, NY and that’s where he first met our CEO Ariel Diaz. They went on to become close friends and that lead to the development of Poncho Palz. Two creative and motivated entrepreneurs, looking to leave their own mark on NYC and the world. Ariel called Niko with a family story and an idea that Niko instantly gravitated to. It wasn't long before they fine-tuned the concept and came up with Poncho Palz.

PonchoPalz Partner
Business Investor
Licensed Real Estate Agent

PonchoPalz | 4 in 1 Multifunctional Friends


The Multifunctional Child's Best Friend
Stuffed Animal | Pillow | Backpack | Poncho

PonchoPalz | Current Prototypes

PonchoPalz Team Player

A Child's Best Friend

CEO: Ariel Diaz
COO: Niko Pantelidis

The four in one multifunctional stuffed animal that transforms into a backpack, poncho, stuffed animal, or a pillow. Perfect for branding your company identity to advertise while serving a great purpose for our children.

PonchoPalz T-Shirts
PonchoPalz Characters

PonchoPalz Characters

The possibilities are endless!

PonchoPalz | Poncho Pooch

Poncho Pooch

A child's best friend for life!

PonchoPalz | Kool Kitty

Kool Kitty

The Fun Feline!

PonchoPalz | Unicorn Pal


Imaginary Palz can be real!

PonchoPalz | Hockey Tuff Guy

Hockey Tuff Guy

Represent your teams!

PonchoPalz | Nightman Hero

Nightman Hero

Have no Fear! The Palz are here!

PonchoPalz | Super Dude

Super Dude

Bad weather's worst enemy!

PonchoPalz | BBall BBoy

BBall BBoy

A slam dunk at the game!

PonchoPalz | Mr. Baseball

Mr. Baseball

Now you can be the mascot!

PonchoPalz | Sir Penguin

Sir Penguin

Our favorite aquatic animal!

PonchoPalz | Bunny Buddy

Bunny Buddy

Cute, warm, snuggly, & fuzzy!

PonchoPalz | Dragon Friend

Dragon Friend

Your magical companion!

PonchoPalz | King Lion

King Lion

Poncho Palz cuteness royalty!

PonchoPalz | Football MVP

Football MVP

Let your team's colors shine!

PonchoPalz | Turtle Dude

Turtle Dude

Surf’s up!

PonchoPalz | Sharky The Bad Wether Preaditor


The bad weather predator!

PonchoPalz | Sea Lion Brian

Sea Lion Brian

Cute fun in the sun!

PonchoPalz | Crabby Abby

Crabby Abby

Beach Time Buddy!

PonchoPalz The Multifunctional Plush Pal

PonchoPalz | The 4-in-1 Stuffed Animal Friend

  • Backpack
  • Poncho
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Pillow
  • Official Member of the Toy Association
  • Official U.S. Utility Patent

Proudly protecting children from mother nature's elements with less cargo!